We have expertise in legal and business affairs. Furthermore we have built an extensive network of contacts able to solve everything from the smallest issue all the way to the most complex cases. 


Our Mission

To alleviate the stress of not knowing where to turn when a legal or business issue arises. We strive to be a single point of contact when you need advice or guidance. We are friendly, professional and not intimidating when you contact us. 

Stop searching endlessly for the right attorney, accountant, chiropractor, or other professional to solve your issue. Contact Stacy Legal Group and let us take it from there.
— Matt Stacy, Founder

Why we practice law this way

Having always found the process of hiring a professional intimidating and difficult to know if you're going to click with that person our founder, Matt, thought there has to be a better way. As a practicing attorney he even found the process of hiring attorneys or other professionals to assist in cases cumbersome. Why does it have to be this way? It seems like the process should be easy with so many search engines and ads everywhere. All of this technology only seemed to make things harder and provide too many choices. It was easier when you could ask a friend or family member who they would recommend. Often they would name the one attorney or accountant they knew and that was enough for you. We want to be that one name you know and recommend.

First and foremost, we are a practicing law firm. If we can handle your case in-house and you like the way we connect then your search can stop here. If you need expertise outside of our areas of practice we will personally ensure you are put in contact with the right person for your issue. In fact, we won't put you in contact with someone we haven't done business with before or wouldn't want to do business with. We've spent years developing the network of professionals we refer to. If you're unhappy with the person we connect you with call us back and we'll find somebody that meets your needs.